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Dear friends!

Welcome to the website of Multidisciplinary Veterinary Center "Duo Cor" (ex MVC "PiK"). We understand that it is important for you to find out more details before you will trust us your pet’s health.

Our administrators may provide you this information by phone +7 (812) 407-17-19 or via email info@duocor.ru

To date, these departments provide health care in our clinic:

Our Veterinary Center is located in:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Multidisciplinary Veterinary Center "Duo Cor" (ex MVC "PiK") is a team of the best veterinary specialists, the most modern equipment for diagnostic and treatment. Our main goal is knowledge sharing, experienced help and tender care.

We aspire to be better day by day in order to help animals as much as possible and to provide high-quality health care.

Your pets deserve the best! Their well-being depends on us!